Our Story

Zebra Crossing is a ‘safe space to the other side’. We dream of a country where different people learn to understand and respect each other, and to create real friendships that add value to all of our lives. Since 1994 many spaces of South Africa have remained isolated without integration. Especially in a social sphere, networks have not yet shifted. Those South Africans who have moved beyond the comfort of the familiar are learning how diverse friendships adds value to our lives, as South Africans, business people and as human beings. With Zebra Crossing you identify yourself as coming predominantly from either the Township or Suburb. We don't use words like rich and poor or black and white, because our diversity is complex, people are poor in different ways and we can’t assume races are homogenous. After choosing ‘where you come from’ you get a friend or contact ‘from the other side’. Then a 10 step process starts, 10 steps where we learn about each other and from each other. It is like having a life-coach from a different background. Two-way learning. The final step will include a face to face meeting and uploading a joint selfie on the wall of fame. What you put in is what you get out. Rushing through the questions with answers not showing deep reflection will rob you and your new friend, so take time and push your own reflection, go deeper. Making friends with someone from a different socio-economic setting will not solve all of South Africa’s problems, but it is easier to solve all the problems if we learn to know each other, respect each other and trust each other. They say knowledge is power, but social networks are also powerful and these diverse relationships can add to our lives and bring us new hope and freedom. The idea here is not to teach or beg, not to give stuff away or fight: the objective is learning and listening in a mature and loving way. Establishing respect and trust, seeing each other as special human beings, despite our differences. Once you get into it, remember to stay committed and disciplined, since that shows your respect for the other person.